For over 55 years, Maryland DECA has developed emerging leaders and entrepreneurs so they can be college and career ready. VPC’s President volunteered at the DECA Fall Leadership Conference held on 9th November, 2017 in Baltimore, MD. High school students from local school chapters from across the state congregated to learn more about DECA and develop their leadership skills.

A DECA Team involves students on a goal setting exercise on their session titled: Achieving Your Goals through Communications

DECA state officers presented very interesting and engaging sessions that included topics such as Controlling your Public Image, What you need to Lead, A Master Guide to Social Media, etc. The theme this year is ‘Limitless’. “This theme is very apt”, says Deepa Srinivasan, “as there truly is no limit to what these talented students can achieve, with the business acumen and skill sets they develop at DECA, that they can carry with them as future professionals and leaders.”

The 2019 DECA Class of Future Leaders from Reservoir High School, Howard County, Maryland.

Vision Planning and Consulting (VPC) facilitated the first of two County meetings in Bedford County for Phase 2 of the Pennsylvania Historic Museums Commission’s (PHMC) Disaster Planning for Historic Properties Initiative. VPC Team members presented to Bedford County officials, a detailed overview of the project, including: background; GIS analysis methodology; architectural analysis and building selection overview; proposed County goals and objectives; plan integration efforts; hazard mitigation action development; and incorporation of historic properties into Bedford County’s newly updated Hazard Mitigation Plan.

VPC Team members presented the GIS analysis and methodology employed to determine the Hazard Vulnerability Assessment (HVA) results for properties identified in Phase I. Following the determination of historically-significant structures in the 100-year floodplain, flood depth for each structure was calculated to determine flood risk, via inundation heights, during a 100-year flood. VPC then presented the list of 30 representative properties, based on flood vulnerability recommended for hazard mitigation action development. The 30 properties were selected based on structure type, architectural style, current condition, current use, and location, for which, mitigation actions will be developed.

The County participated in a goals and objectives exercise. Mitigation actions for each property will be presented at the second round of County meetings, scheduled for April 2018, for final approval, where the VPC Team will also work closely with the County and PHMC to prioritize the specific hazard mitigation actions, in order to create the most effective and feasible preservation-based hazard mitigation solutions.

VPC met with the Talbot County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) on October 24th, 2017 to present findings on the Sea Level Change (SLC) and flooding projections for the County’s four Water Oriented Villages: Neavitt, Newcomb, Royal Oak, and Tilghman Island. The goal of the project is to determine which historic properties in the villages are most at-risk from flooding and sea level rise hazards, and to develop site-specific mitigation actions to help protect these buildings from these hazards, without compromising the properties’ eligibility for the State or National Register.

The SLC projections show a major shift in the shape and size of these historic villages. Long-term planning is necessary to prepare for the changing landscape on the Chesapeake Bay. VPC has developed mitigation actions for property owners to attempt to keep their properties “usable” for as long as possible.

Talbot County Historic Preservation Commissioner, Cynthia Schmidt, who acted as local expert and guide for the fieldwork component, had this to say about her experience, “The amazing visuals provided were a great addition to the final presentation, which was well received and applauded by all. You did a great job answering everyone’s questions in the field and when presenting the conclusions. The county and property owners will surely find this report as a useful tool moving forward.”

VPC’s President, Deepa Srinivasan stated, “This is a great opportunity for the County’s cultural resources and historic properties to get the importance they deserve, for mitigation as well as preservation.”

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