Vision Planning and Consulting offers expertise in all fields of emergency management to help reduce risk, protect people, secure physical assets, and improve economic well-being.

FEMA Headquarters

Project: Disaster Recovery Support Functions – Capability Enhancement Project
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Department of the Interior

Project: Environmental Protection Support Technical and Administrative Assistance
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NOAA Fisheries

Project: Groundfish Monitoring Strategic Communications Plan

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Alaska Fire Service

Project: Facilitation of Strategic Planning and Organizational Review
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State of Maryland

Project: Maryland All-Hazards Mitigation Plan Update
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City of Baltimore, Maryland

Project: Maryland Next Generation 911 (NG911) Staffing Study
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City of Baltimore, Maryland

Project: Information & Technology
Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)
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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Project: Disaster Planning for Historic Properties - Phase II
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City of Wilmington

Project: Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) Update & Realignment

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Howard County, Maryland

Project: Man-Made Hazards
and Historic Resources Hazard Mitigation Plans
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District of Columbia

Project: COVID-19 After Action Report - District Preparedness Strategy
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Port of Baltimore

Project: Emergency Preparedness Plans - Plan Review and Gap Analysis
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Current IDIQ Contracts

Vision Planning and Consulting is currently serving on several long-term Federal, State, and Local IDIQ contracts.
Department of Finance
City of Baltimore
Contract Name:
General Consulting Services

#Staffing, #Planning, #TechnicalAssistance
Contract Name:
Disaster Recovery Support Functions – Capability Enhancement Project

#DisasterRecovery, #Planning, #StakeholderEngagement

New York City Emergency Management
Contract Name:
Surge Staffing Support

#Staffing, #Planning, #TechnicalAssistance

Community Outreach and Public Involvement Support Services Shortlist

#Public Involvement, #Planning, #DataAnalytics

Philadelphia Office Of Innovation And Technology
General Services Contract


#StakeholderEngagement, #TechnicalAssistance

Planning, Program Management, Administrative, Training, and Exercise Services

#Planning, Outreach, #Communications

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