VPC’s mission is to work cohesively with clients and partners to help communities reduce risk and improve resiliency. We are a team of emergency management, GIS, planning, outreach, grants management, and graphic design professionals who are committed to precision and excellence in serving our clients, public and the government.

While we lay a strong focus on the quality of work and a deep sense of commitment and professionalism to our clients, what sets them apart is building lasting relationships with our team, our partners, and our clients. It’s not just a job, it’s a career! Our technical staff includes a rich mix of analysts, planners, researchers, outreach specialists, and IT specialists, many of whom, have nationwide as well as international experience. VPC staff prides itself on serving the community and making a difference in the lives of community residents.

Our team members are committed, community-centric people with a keen sense of how to better create a ‘safer sense of place.’ Our staff members are committed to serving communities by making a positive impact in improving their resiliency and reducing risk. Our staff members are dedicated and motivated individuals, who also play active roles in their communities; serving on planning boards, design review committees, homeowner associations, historic preservation boards, and various non-profit boards.
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Deepa Srinivasan, AICP, CFM

Ms. Srinivasan is the Founder and President of VPC, a result of her passion for creation, organization, and purpose. In 2006, she established VPC to provide personalized services to all levels of government with the goal to reduce risk in communities throughout the United States. She directs all planning, outreach, disaster management, grants management, and web design work for VPC, and oversees the marketing, business development, internal organization, and accounting aspects of the firm. She has recently established operations in India to cater to the need for innovative, integrated, and streamlined disaster management services in South East Asia.

Ms. Srinivasan has over 23 years of experience in policy consultation, project development/ implementation, community/land use planning, stakeholder engagement, and public outreach. Ms. Srinivasan’s expertise lies in managing complex programs with federal, state, and local clients with the goal of improving disaster resiliency in communities. Ms. Srinivasan has served as Project/Program Manager for over 30 projects in the last five years.

Ms. Srinivasan is a Certified Planner with the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) and a Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM). She is a graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program.

Pat Pathade, PMP

Mr. Pathade serves as Chief Technology Officer and has over 30 years of experience of providing software solutions that leverage his strong engineering background. Pat has extensive experience in putting together teams, designing, and building IT systems, and managing technology projects from initial conception through final deployment and customer acceptance. His expertise stretches over a wide variety of leading-edge technologies and enterprise application development platforms. 

He is a certified Salesforce Cloud Consultant and Drupal Consultant and specializes in enterprise architecture. He has developed a business practice to provide comprehensive business and technology consulting services including long and short-term IT planning and strategy development, workflow and business process optimization, requirements analysis, systems integration, project management, and systems and network assessment.

Mr. Pathade is an expert in multiple languages and platforms including Alfresco Digital Business Platform, Drupal, Salesforce, Talend, Open EdX, the semantic technology stack, and other open-source products.

Ashley Samonisky

Ms. Samonisky serves as the Project Manager, Lead Emergency Management Planner, and the Marketing and Outreach Coordinator for VPC. She has over 10 years experience with a Public Safety and Emergency Management background. She specializes in Hazard Mitigation Planning, Emergency Operations Planning, Continuity Planning, Post-Disaster Response and Outreach, and Special Events Planning. Her planning products are focused on multiple levels of stakeholder engagement and extensive inter-departmental coordination.

Ms. Samonisky has an eye for combining design with functionality, and has created one-pagers, checklists, pocket guides, and flow charts for a variety of purposes and clients. She breaks down complex processes or information into easily digestible bites. Ms. Samonisky has also designed and developed websites for VPC, MSGIC, and other clients.

Ms. Samonisky currently serves on the Maryland Heritage Areas Program Grant Review Panel. She also served as the Outreach Subcommittee Chair for the Maryland State Geographic Information Committee (MSGIC) for four years, and continues to support the organization.

Andrew Estrain

Mr. Estrain serves as a Resiliency and Recovery Planner, Hazard Mitigation Specialist, and QA/QC Specialist for VPC. Mr. Estrain has a Master's Degree in Geography with a focus in Regional Planning. He has over 5 years of experience with a Community Planning background. He provides his expertise in Hazard Mitigation Planning, Land Use Planning, Emergency Management Planning, and Historic Preservation Planning.

Mr. Estrain has a true interest in getting to know, and working with, local communities. He has worked in a wide array of communities of different sizes to develop hazard mitigation plans, based on the local knowledge and experience of community residents, businesses, and organizations.

Mr. Estrain has worked with Federal partners on resiliency and recovery activities by developing materials to streamline the disaster recovery deployment process, including helping to develop: Strategic Communications Plans, Field Operations Manuals, Deployment Guides, and other useful documents. Mr. Estrain is currently a member of the American Planning Association – Maryland Chapter.

Nick Colmenares, PhD.

Dr. Colmenares has a 25-year track record of successfully improving the strategic planning, operations, and project/program management practices of disaster management agencies, businesses, and university research centers. He serves as VPC’s hazard mitigation and grants management Subject Matter Expert. Dr. Colmenares is recognized for his ability to work across cultural, sectorial, and professional barriers. He is bi-lingual (Spanish - English), and has extensive hazard mitigation experience in the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean. He is an expert in qualitative research, including program evaluation and policy analysis.

 Dr. Colmenares serves as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on natural hazard mitigation for FEMA’s Community Engagement and Risk Communication Program (CERC). He is a team member of CERC’s Mitigation Core Team developing and implementing Pilot programs for community outreach and mitigation capability assessments throughout FEMA’s 10 regions. He has developed training modules, white papers, and strategic guidance for client communities to build resiliency by removing traditional barriers to mitigation action.

Dr. Colmenares is a member of the Natural Hazard Mitigation Association, the Society for Applied Anthropology, and the International City Managers Association.

Kevin Chura

Mr. Chura serves as a Junior Planner providing service in the areas of emergency management, hazard mitigation planning, emergency operations planning, and meeting and workshop planning and facilitation. Mr. Chura has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Emergency Management and provides coordination, organizational, inter-agency communications, and logistical support to the Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance at the U.S. Department of the Interior.

Mr. Chura works with the Environmental Response & Recovery (ERR) Team within the Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance of the Department of the Interior to coordinate disaster response and recovery operations in accordance to FEMA response guidelines. He also serves as the emergency management advisor for ERR Team as they lead a number of response scenarios with their regional offices and inter-agency partners.

Shravanthi Kanekal

Ms. Kanekal serves an urban planner for VPC with expertise in climate change adaptation and sustainability strategies. She has contributed to plans to address sea level rise, reduce carbon emissions, and encourage sustainable development for municipalities and institutions. She has four years of experience as an architect working on commercial and residential projects, urban design initiatives, and historic preservation and restoration. Ms. Kanekal holds a master’s degree in city planning with a focus on land use and environmental planning and a bachelor's degree in architecture. 

Ms. Kanekal's interests lie in collaborative civic engagement, sustainability initiatives, and social and environmental justice, with a particular interest in the intersection of design and policy, and its effect on social equity within communities. Ms. Kanekal is also passionate about graphic design and uses her skills to create clear and concise visual content for reports and presentations.

Ms. Kanekal is a volunteer with Community Design Collaborative, a non-profit organization in Philadelphia that provides pro bono design services to community members and non-profits.

David Henry

Mr. Henry serves as a Junior Planner for VPC and is experienced in emergency planning and coordination, threat analysis, and HSEEP exercise planning. His background is predominately focused on Healthcare and Long-Term Care Facilities. He is familiar with the 2016 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Emergency Preparedness Rule and experienced in developing and facilitating tabletop exercises, drafting Emergency Operations Plans and Hazard Vulnerability Analyses', as well as participating in various staff trainings and exercises.

Mr. Henry is currently supporting the District of Columbia’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency with operational plan development, development of the District preparedness framework, and program evaluation. He has participated in staff interviews and hotwashes to collect data for the development of an After-Action Report for the District’s response to COVID-19, and incidents concurrent with COVID-19. Mr. Henry is currently a member of the Keystone Emergency Management Association.

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