VPC was invited to present at the Pennsylvania Floodplain Managers Conference in Harrisburg, PA on September 19th to discuss their pilot project on Hazard Mitigation for Historic Properties in Pennsylvania. The theme of the 2018 Conference was Floodplain Management: The Next Generation - Tools and Rules for Meeting Day to Day Challenges. VPC President, Deepa Srinivasan, and Project Manager, Ashley Samonisky, provided details on various tools and processes that can be used to incorporate considerations for historic properties and cultural resources into local Hazard Mitigation Plans.

In addition to the processes, a discussion of what constitutes a “historic property” as well as sample mitigation actions for representative properties, was provided. “All mitigation actions selected for historic properties are developed through a lens of preservation, and as such, any action recommended will not preclude the property from current, or future, listing on a local, state, or national Historic Register”, stated Ms. Samonisky.

Other presentations included “Notes From a Muddy Fieldbook” which discussed the development and maintenance of floodplains in Pennsylvania over the past two centuries. The presentation included historic maps to highlight the changes to study areas over the years. Additionally, a discussion of Historic Ellicott City, in Maryland, was held to show how development is affected, and can effect, the natural protection afforded by floodplains. Other presentations focused on issues such as the Community Rating System (CRS), Elevation Certificates, and weather forecasting.

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