VPC President Deepa Srinivasan was an invited speaker at the three-day Global Symposium on Artificial Intelligence in Governance and Disaster Management. The Symposium was developed and hosted by the Special Centre for Disaster Research (SCDR) at Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi, India, was and the first of its kind in India.

Ms. Srinivasan presents at the session on AI in Local Governance

The purpose of the conference is to emphasize the importance and capabilities of using of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Robotics in disaster planning, preparedness, and community resilience. AI has been used to standardize and modernize data collection, mapping, analysis, and vulnerability studies, and can send results and recommendations to coordination, planning, and response offices in real time. Most disasters, even those with early warning systems, do not provide adequate timely warnings for appropriate action. The use of AI, for example, could address these delays, inconsistent coordination, biased responses, and provide a better understanding of the scenario to decision makers.

Ms. Srinivasan stated, “I felt honored to attend this prestigious AI Symposium – a true meeting of the minds and a phenomenal experience!” She went on to say, “for me, this has opened several doors for partnerships and opportunities for collaboration, not only with the tech companies but academic institutions as well!”

Sharing words of wisdom and a few laughs with Ravi Deepak and Professor Ravi Srinivasan, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

Her session titled AI in Local Governance consisted of eight people from five different countries. In her presentation regarding the use of AI/ML for plan integration, the focus was on getting plans to ‘talk to one another’ to avoid contradiction, and to increase inter-departmental coordination in order to be successful in any pre- or post-disaster effort. As the Generals indicated during the Army’s session on Futuristic Technology, Disaster Management and National Security, training is key so appropriate authorities know what to do without having to refer to SOP manuals constantly.

Other speakers focused on Administered Leadership in AI, Technological Interventions to make Transportation Systems Reliable, and AI in Early Warning Systems and Community Resilience.

Kudos to Professor Amita Singh and Special Center for Disaster Research, JNU. “With several unique perspectives, the possibilities are endless. Now, with these innovative ideas, it’s time to board the implementation train!” says Deepa. I’m excited to be featured in the upcoming book and to be invited to teach a course at JNU! Stay tuned for more details!

To read the articles from the Hindustan Times click here or the Hindu click here.

For more information regarding using AI/ML to integrate planning processes, contact Ms. Srinivasan at dsrinivasan@vision-pc.net.

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