Vision Planning and Consulting, LLC, a leading US based company specializing in emergency management, disaster management, recovery planning, and capacity building, is happy to announce our expansion into India, with our Headquarters in Pune.

Answering the demand and need for disaster management services in various parts of Asia, VPC’s expansion will better serve pre- and post-disaster planning efforts in India and South Asia. The move comes on the heels of months of planning and team-building. VPC President, Deepa Srinivasan, presented disaster planning concepts at two International Disaster Management in India earlier this year, and attended a number of presentations, which validated our decision to have a local presence in India.

“With flooding in various parts of India affecting millions of people these past few months, it falls on the shoulders of experts like us to pave the way and strive to create disaster-resilient communities. Our focus is on emergency preparedness and hazard mitigation: we want to ensure communities are poised and ready to face the next disaster. I have a sense of cautious optimism and excitement as we embark into this new territory and aim to fill this gap” said Deepa Srinivasan, President. “Our expansion into Asia is our commitment to reduce risk among local communities using tried and tested disaster management techniques from the west.” She added.

VPC staff will assist clients on hazard mitigation planning, floodplain management, disaster recovery planning, strategic and communications planning, and Continuity of Operations (COOP) and Emergency Operations (EOP) planning. Additionally, VPC will provide disaster management courses through an online portal to planners, responders, local officials, and residents on such topics as governance, inter-departmental coordination, disaster risk management framework, smart cities, and hazard mitigation.

VPC is registered as Vision Planning and Consulting, Private Limited (doing business as - VPC India). Learn More here at

Come join us at the India Water Week (IWW) Conference in New Delhi on 27 September for a session on Flood Risk Management of Urban Areas (Chennai Metropolitan Area).

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